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    Pierre "Pete" Beauregard

    For Congress District 50

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    Real District 50 Representation

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    Pierre "Pete" Beauregard

    For Congress District 50



Pierre Beauregard has lived a lifetime of service to his country and his community.
That is how he developed his "Living Platform"

Experience That counts

Why "Pete" will work for you.

Living Platform

A Platform born from a lifetime of experience.
Please click on the topics below to view my living platform position video messages.

Finance Reform

Overturn Citizens United

Jobs And The Economy

Bringing High Tech To District 50

My living Platform Postition.

Climate Change

The Climate Has Changed.

My Living Platform Position

Military Adventurism

Over 60 years we've practiced peace through strength. The time has come for strength through peace.

My Living Platform Message

Caring for our Veterans

It's our sacred obligation to take care of the men and women we send to war.

My Living Platform Message

True Healthcare Reform

Medicare For All

My living platform video message is coming soon.

Our "Net Zero" Energy Home

There is no question the climate has changed. While people debate the causes of climate change, we have an opportunity to improve our environment and economy through the development of clean and renewable energy. We also have experienced a record drought over the last 10 years. We are dependent on clean air, water and food to survive. That is why we have invested in a "Net Zero" energy home.

Solar Energy

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Growing Our Own

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Wind Energy

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Water Conservation

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Pierre "Pete" Beauregard Campaign Press

Pierre "Pete" Beauregard Endorsements

Raymond Lutz: President, Cognisys, Inc.: http://www.cognisys.com Administrator, Chase Ranch Montessori School: http://www.ChaseRanchMontessori.com Former President, East County Democratic Club, http://www.ecdcweb.org National Coordinator, Citizens' Oversight Projects: http://www.citizensoversight.org

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Citizens' Oversight Projects (COPs)

Ray Lutz is dedicated to enabling citizens to provide needed oversight to our democracy.

Paul Sasso: Pledged Delegate for Bernie Sanders San Diego, California San Diego 350.org, Kitchen Solvers of San Diego Education University of California, San Diego

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ABC News

Susan Phillips: Pete is the best person to represent the citizens of the 50 th district. His values are nurses values

Sue Phillips

Mary Yoon: I was very proud to serve as a Sanders delegate with Pierre last year in Philadelphia. You can see by his very informative website where he stands on the issues and that he is well-educated politically. I am not in his district, but urge everyone who is to not only vote for Pierre but get out there and knock on doors for him. Where you canvass you win! Never has this country needed smart, dedicated and impassioned people like Pierre in political office more than NOW!

Mary Yoon

Dr. Allan Goetz Grossmont Hospital Corporation (GHC) board of directors as a representative of the Grossmont Healthcare District (GHD). GHC is the legal entity for the hospital lease agreement between Sharp HealthCare and GHD, the East County public agency that serves as landlord of the hospital’s property and buildings on behalf of taxpayers.

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This is a campaign for the people of district 50. I need your help and I want to hear from everyone. No matter where you land on the political spectrum, your opinion is important to me.